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Sarein attractions

30 kilometres west of Ardebil city sareyn. The city of Eastern length and grade on sareyn 04.48 09.38 degrees north latitude, which is more than 1280000 square meters. Average height of 1650 meters above sea level city. The distance the city of Tabriz, Tehran and 619 km 230 km.
Sareyn in beyond the English meaning originates. In past eras of this region in the name of sarghin sarghin is mentioned, ghih Sari.
Average maximum temperatures of 25 ° c and the minimum average temperature is 7.8 ° c-it. The amount of annual precipitation of about 520 mm. The transportation system is a function of sarain and sfarhay tourism the most important roads, freight forwarder. The city has the most economical source of sarain area tourist attractions which the city is tourism attractions < br/> town of sarain hot water the city and nature is the main factor that Kal sabalan in attracting tourists. of agriculture < br/> products will come in the area of sarain ranging from fruits (Apple, pear, Plum, apricot, sweet cherry, wild plum and walnut) and cereals and cereal (potato, wheat, barley, lentil, bean, turnip etc) and more The people of the city and rural area to consumption.

Sareyn tourist attractions

sareyn tourist attractions, spectacular natural attractions sareyn sareyn sareyn

historical attractions

in the list of natural and historical attractions the city following sareyn is listed:

Spa sareyn sabalan

Integrated water treatment facilities in the Middle East as the largest sabalan water treatment facilities are located within the city, and with the features and sareyn pools, Jacuzzi, baths and numerous indoor dry sauna and steam shower and tub, numerous individual, separate health and medical services for men and women, dedicated parking and other facilities is ready to provide services to passengers. Seven thousand and 200 square meters, it infrastructure and in two separate floor for the reception and service for men and women is


bajlar Bush Spa sareyn

Spa bajilar Bush is one of the earliest residents of the old in between sareyn "one" has been famous Lor Valley a Valley lush meadow and around which the Spa is full of plane trees and Poplar. its name due to the geography of five Spa embodies engenders in place of springs that it "five sisters" or the same as the Bush bajilar in Turkish the name is taken from the water. 5 the fountains were constructed above, and pumping some of the Muddy water buffalo providing that discharge they altogether 13 liters per second and is permanently boiling and


temperature of the water inside the pool Bush at about 35 degrees bajlar look a little tart and a little opaque, redolent of that type of combination of chlorine and sodium bicarbonate and water anions. available on the Bush bajlar contains cation sulfate, bicarbonate, technical and contains calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium. electrical conductivity for temperatures at 1200, its pH 5.6 and the amount of residual water from the evaporation of dry materials, 660 mg per ml.

Bush Spa

bajlar after the Islamic revolution is almost deserted and only for some people to use it. until the year 1371 water management the province started to build the current mjmeta in this place is a great pool. this complex has an area of 288 square meters with a depth of 6 cm, 140-120 the number of showers forced a short arc-shaped walls with solo, 16 public shower solo in front of the shower, dry and steam sauna each A single unit, at the western part of the Jacuzzi swimming pool, health and medical services and parking spa town as the second sareyn.

of bajlarke to accommodate the second Bush Spa spa town sareyn is considered for the treatment of diseases of the nerve pain relief and joint and

are used.

flower sareyn Buffalo Spa

Spa in the town of muddy cow dusk sareyn and at a height of 1940 meters above sea level, which is the most water-filled located mineral springs is a town in terms of capacity and breadth sareyn and its outflow 140 liters per second and has a surface area of 400 m استخری with 130 cm depth that the water boiling and it permanently. it spans the scattered and the water temperature is 46 degrees Celsius in pond water buffalo sour Sage. Pale and a little redolent of taste. آنیونهای, کلروره, bicarbonate, carbonate, the sulfate and the cations calcium, magnesium, sodium and پتایسم. Electrical conductivity and PH 1300 temperature to 25 it is the remaining dried material from 58.6, evaporate the water it has 687 mg/l and water it in rows and کلسیک سدیک بیکرنات کلروره waters, g

. Beef Sage dusk Spa

due to having the composition of carbonate کلروبی سدیک and کلسیک for the treatment of diseases of the motor system diseases, General (chronic rheumatic pains) and the diseases of women, خنازیر and heart disease as well as the strengthening of the body's General


regarding the naming of it based on the narratives of the aged Sage Buffalo during many years ago: before optimum use of it in this form, the Buffalo people sareyn inside pool after some of the heat is eased, the water can also cause sleep and it's called Buffalo have named Sage Spa < br/> in previous years surplus water spas muddy the water to گامیش se نهری was entered And to a distance of 150 meters, was the. The mill at that time of the گرانبهاترین to Azerbaijani Mills come because unlike other water mill in the winter ice is not at all working 12 months a year. "

The ancient village of Cliff kolkhoran goli

The ancient village of Cliff kolkhoran flowers in about five km South and southwest of Ardabil road near sareyn – NIR stone house is located in the hills, plump House, qareh. Rocky kolkhoran flowers is a village with a collection of single stone houses that are often below the hill called the stout home, for an exceptional historical and ancient architectural phenomenon and unparalleled


not a valid scientific investigation in this area is not done yet, and scattered on the surface of pottery and evidence of life inside the stone houses of different periods of history shows that pottery related to the Parthian period., pottery and carved on the Arch of the Rocky jenaghi similar to the works of the Sassanian monuments and signs related to the Islamic era, such as the seljuq, Timurid and Safavid which suggests continuing the use of the stone house in history


of the Hill stout homes that often have stone house located beneath it, although a number of them on the effect of different factors on their roof collapsed due to internal spaces filling or it now hits of interior space it is not possible. but another impressive number with unique characteristics have remained healthy. most of this House and of the cliff carvings have planned square, rectangle, oval, are all types of habitats ranging from rooms Single integrated in different dimensions related to the hallway and Crescent-shaped roof and the jenaghi arch, flat, with niches, jacheraghi, bed, etc. that are in the heart of the mountains and cliffs scattered the aforementioned


in the West of the village the number 40 is located on a mountain, which in the past decade have been the villagers used the warehouse, but the cultural heritage organisation has just emptied them, and put about protection. in two Northwest village, km Hill, rsubi kalkhoran flowers long there that the South side of the river bed erosion, balikho wall mertfai. almost at a height of 50 metres from the bed of the river and on its breast, a stone with a In a dramatic entrance and a carved Chamber. Inside the crypt, the need is to form the pyramid triangle alqaede is incomplete, on the Western side a sends a stone that has been nghr the General mode of a triangle and the smaller triangle inside it is carved. Within this triangle shape with those series of plays close to the triangle and the hands and feet and the physical environment in the triangle, is a form of and nghr. On the margins, it is also a major part of the underlined letters that it is missing

The ancient village of

flowers kalkhoran in terms of the large number and variety of stone houses and being notable in terms of ancient historical and tourism can be one of the premier academic centers, recreation and tourism at


تپه باستانی آناهیتا/p>

ancient Hill Anahita is that over the years the names of Anahita, sarghin and Zoroaster reminds to the 1976 national monuments registered number is reached the hills in the western part of the city is located from sareyn explore on doing in this area and is the oldest objects are obtained that dates back to the late second Millennium and first them before Christ returns

. Anahita Temple

years of austerity and work place of worship and words and the priests of the temple and around it is called the "ghieh Museum" Sari, the Sassanid rulers summer nursing home. of the remaining temple temples in this region, "Anahita Temple" and "azarferigh" are unfortunately everyday low officials of the cultural heritage of this historic places. but after the Arab invasion of the Sassanid empire fell to Azerbaijan, Sari قیه and the importance of Temples and Temple scroll in the minds of the people it is more pale and the baghaia of works related to the Seljuk periods, the Patriarch, gharaghiolonha and AQ Islands signs of their Government on this land has always been there ...

in the early decades of the forty in order to build a drinking water source on the Hill of the city authorities of Anahita sareyn wall remains of the Castle and the existing monument on the Hill Temple of Anahita. years as residents used mosque suggest that based on narratives under this hill and the castle there was a basement that way the output of one of them in the flower field, Buffalo range» of the city is blocked now sareyn. tunnel of course subsidiary In this regard, with another different user


Alvares ski resort

ski resort high on the slopes of sabalan Alvares which is the largest ski resort in Iran in terms of breadth is the ski resort is located at a distance of 12 km from the village of Alvares Alvares is located 24 kilometers and sareyn since at a height of 3200 meters above sea level and the direction of the late snow melt in this area can be found in approximately six to eight months of the year to be used in the country in terms of the In the first place. such < br/> things for the preparation and operation of it done can be pointed to the following: < br/> ـ construction of asphalt road with the length of 24 km up to the foot of the slope < br/> ـ installation and commissioning of the device and the trap line length of 1250 m یژ c company of the two Paul Meyer Austria < br/> ـ installation and commissioning of a line of ski construction ـ < br/> two Bob station classes < Br/distinguishing characteristics of regional > in addition to winter attractions to the spring and the summer attractions such as entering their flock to areas with ashaier around it, a cool and temperate weather at the height of summer, vegetation and colorful flowers in the Mountain beauty of plain, Marsh-Mallow, Astragalus, etc as well as exposure routes to climb the peak of sabalan and the other peaks of the camp, being a close distance to the city and overlooks the complex Ardabil and NIR, sareyn, which use it in all seasons of the year are useful and evocative


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